Social insurance at a glance

Values for 2022

Marginal earnings threshold/insurance threshold relevant for SVS: EUR 5,830.20
Monthly marginal earnings threshold (ASVG):EUR 485.85

Artists’ Social Insurance Fund (KSVF)
Minimum limit:EUR 5,830.20
Maximum grant: EUR 1.896/year

Voluntary self-insurance 2022

The contribution to voluntary self-insurance at the ÖGK (health and pension insurance)

  • is EUR 68.59 per month for marginally employed persons.
  • is EUR 64.78 per month for students.

Volontary "Opting in" at the SVS (health insurance - no pension insurance!)

  • EUR 43.68 per month

Prescription fee per medicine 6.65 Euro

Minimum Pension 2022

Single persons 1,030.49 Euro

Couples   1,626,71 Euro

Reduced VAT rate expired

The reduced VAT rate of 5% for gastronomy, hotels and the cultural sector expired on 31.12.2021, therefore the regular rate (13% for sales in the cultural sector) applies again as of 1 January 2022.

Key points tax reform 2022

The 2nd rate bracket of income tax (18,000 to 31,000 euros annual income) will be reduced from 35% to 32.5% as of January 2022, and to 30% as of 2023. The 3rd rate bracket (31,000 to 60,000 euros annual income) will be reduced from 42% to 41% from January 2023, and to 40% from 2024.

Hackler regulation to be replaced by early starter bonus in 2022

From the beginning of 2020, employees, farmers and tradesmen could retire at 62 after 45 years of work without reductions (deductions).

In November 2020, the National Council decided to end the current hackler regulation. From 2022 onwards, it will still be possible to retire at the age of 62 after 45 years of insurance, but deductions of 4.2% per year difference to the
standard retirement age.

However, the early starter bonus is intended to compensate for the loss of the Hackler regulation. This means that people with at least 25 years of contributions to their pension account and twelve months of work before the age of 20,
will receive a minimum of one euro and a maximum of 60 euros per month on top of their pension.

More information

Austrian social insurance system

Information brochure by the Austrian Cultural Council (Kulturrat Österreich): Selbstständig-Unselbstständig-Erwerbslos (Self-Employed-Employed-Unemployed)

Legal bases

General Social Insurance Act (Allgemeines Versicherungsgesetz, ASVG)

Social Insurance Act for Commerce and Trade (Gewerbliches Versicherungsgesetz, GSVG)

Act on Social Insurance for the Liberal Professions (Freiberufliches Sozialversicherungsgesetz, FSVG)

Act on Social Insurance for Farmers (Bauern-Sozialversicherungsgesetz, BSVG)

Act on Health and Accident Insurance for Civil Servants (Beamten-Kranken- und Unfallversicherungsgesetz, B-KUVG)

General Pensions Act (Allgemeines Pensionsgesetz, APG)