Individual insurance

In Austria, statutory social insurance covers health, pension, occupational accident and unemployment insurance. 

Other risks which may arise in one’s private or professional life can be mitigated by various forms of insurance. The most frequent types of individual insurance are e.g. household insurance (often in combination with a private third-party liability insurance) or motor vehicle insurance (also in combination with motor vehicle third-party liability insurance).

There are different types of insurance: personal insurance (private health or accident insurance, life insurance… ), property insurance (household insurance, travel insurance, transport insurance, motor vehicle insurance…) and indemnity insurance (third-party liability insurance, legal expenses insurance).

Sometimes, individual insurance may be mandatory, e.g. if you want to register a car (motor vehicle third-party liability insurance), or if you apply for a visa for certain countries (health insurance). In general, you ought to weigh your private and professional risks and find out which individual insurance makes sense for which eventuality.

The insurance companies themselves, mostly via their local representations, provide information on insurance offers. Their contact data can be easily found on their company websites. You may also turn to an independent insurance broker who will compare the offers of several insurance companies. For a brief overview of prices and offers, consult online-comparison tools such as or

This chapter describes those types of insurance which may be of relevance in the professional life of anyone working in the creative and cultural industries.