Market for Recorded Music

In the wake of digitalisation, the market for recorded music has disintegrated. While, in 2015, sales of EUR 143.4 million were generated in Austria in the market for recorded music11, the biggest share comes from imports. The three major labels, Universal, Sony and Warner predominate, like everywhere else in the world.

The business model of a ‘label‘ creates little added value, apart from the three giants which live mainly off the back catalogues. In Austria this model exists mainly in combination with other models such as publishing house, agency, management etc. Measured in terms of a per-capital share, Austria’s sales on the physical market (mainly CDs) rank in the 5th place, but mainly in the genres of classical music, pop and folk music12.
31.4% of all sales are generated in the digital area, of which one third in streaming. The problems of music creators with the (hardly existing) added value from streaming services and/or YouTube are all too well known.

Contemporary music creators still strongly need the recording on a sound medium. These records serve as advertising material, are needed for radio air play and are important for acting on the market for synch rights, which is becoming increasingly important. Moreover, CDs are mainly sold at own events.

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