Market for Recorded Music


In the wake of digitalization, streaming is the new hope after the collapse of analog recording industries. In the last two years streaming sales have nearly tripled. In 2017 a turnover of  € 32,6 million was attained. Total sales reached € 145,4 million.11 The three major labels, Universal, Sony and Warner dominate here just as they do worldwide.

The business model of a ‘label‘ creates little added value, apart from the three giants which live mainly off their back catalogues. In Austria this model exists mainly in combination with other models such as publishing house, agency, management etc. 

A  sound recording is still an absolute necessity for contemporary music creators. These records serve as advertising material, are needed for radio air play and are important for acting in the increasingly important market for synch rights. Moreover, the majority of CD sales are at one's own event.

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11 IFPI Austria – Verband der österreichischen Musikwirtschaft, Österreichischer Musikmarkt 2017, Wien, 2018, S. 7