Social Institutions

These are the three most important social facilities in Austria in the field of literature: the Sozialfonds für Schriftsteller/innen und Übersetzer/innen (set up in 1977), the Künstler-Sozialversicherungsfonds (KSVF) open to artists from all disciplines created in 2001, and the SKE Fonds (cultural and social institutions) set up by the collecting societies in 1980. The Sozialfonds für Schriftsteller/innen und Übersetzer/innen accords contributions to health insurance and old-age benefits in case of small or non-existent pension entitlements. The KSVF steps in for a partial or full payment of pension insurance contributions and in some cases gives subsidies for health insurance and emergency assistance. This benefit is available to artists from all disciplines who are recognised by the KSVF. The SKE-Fonds supports new projects and young artists and provides emergency help in cases of hardship.