Dachverband der Österreichischen Filmschaffenden (DVF - Austrian Filmmakers Association)

The Austrian Filmmakers Association brings together the interest groups representing Austrian filmmakers. At present, a total of 11 professional groups are organised within the Association.

Verband Filmregie Österreich

The Association was founded in 1989 under the name of Verband der Filmregisseure Österreichs (Association of Austrian Film Directors). Almost all of its members are film directors creating feature films and documentaries in Austria. Upon the initiative of a young and successful generation of woman film directors, the name was changed to be gender neutral in 2006. The association is not a member of the Austrian Filmmakers Association.

ADA Österreichischer Regieverband

The association represents film directors of all genres, including shorts, feature films, commercials, industrial films, television film etc


Filmaustria is an association of the larger Austrian film production companies, such as Allegro Film, Dor Film, Wega Film, Satel Film and others. In contrast to small production companies, Filmaustria is opposed to a wide range of funding for a great number of projects and favours in-depth funding of major projects with a commercial thrust.

Association of Austrian Film Producers (Abbrev.: AAFP)

Founded in the early 1970s, the Association of Austrian film producers represents a great variety of film producers in Austria.

FC Gloria

FC Gloria is a filmmakers’ association set up in 2010 to support and strengthen female filmmakers. The board members are important female representatives of Austrian film, including filmmakers, film producers, festival directors and academics.


 Is the newly founded Austrian film festival umbrella association. It represents the interests of larger and smaller festival presenters. The FÖFF helps guide through the new structures in festival funding at federal and state levels of the last two years. (Since 2016, a special jury decides on funding distribution in the city of Vienna). Further increase in resources in respect to the variety and number of festival is needed. Two reknowned festivals (Identities and Kino unter Sternen) were forced to close in 2018/19.

IG Filmkultur