Education and Training Situation

In the early 1950s, a first “course of film design” was offered at the Academy of Music and the Performing Arts (today the University of Music and the Performing Arts) – the son of the Austrian film pioneer Luise Kolm-Veltée, Walter Kolm-Veltée, was a seminal contributor to the development of film training in Austria. The course had laid the foundations for the Filmakademie Wien as part of the University of Music and the Performing Arts, which is still the only dedicated film-training institution in the country.

The significance of moving pictures is rising in the light of increasing media convergence and the multiplicity of existing screening platforms. This has induced art universities and applied-science universities throughout the country to offer classes or courses for film, video, media art, television and animation.

Also small, private schools such as the “Filmschule Wien” offer practice oriented courses for filmmakers.