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SMartAt Mobility is designed for artists, creatives and many others living and working in Austria and abroad who need information about various issues and questions (outgoing) as well as for those coming to Austria from abroad wanting to work and/or live here (incoming).

SMartAt Mobility has information on  copyright,corporate forms, inclusion, labour law, social security, taxationvisa and residency. In the chapter on the cultural landscape, experts from various fields give an overview of fine artsperforming artsfilm and videoliterature and music in Austria. There is a link to a detailed funding data base with interdisciplinary information on funding sources  in Austria which is continually updated. Under info & portals, you will find additional information and links. A glossary allows for a targeted search by keywords. All information in SMartAt Mobility is available in German and in English.

The contents of SMartAt Mobility are generated, further developed and regularly updated by the SMart Team Austria. The contributions to the Cultural Landscape section are the works of external experts in their fields.

Comprehensive information on visa and residency issues and on foreign artists working in Austria are already available on the Austrian Federal Chancellery’s Artist Mobility Guide.  SMartAt Mobility was developed by SMartAt in cooperation with section II/6 of the Austrian Federal Chancellery as a digital cultural information system. The project is supported by the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

Video - The System of Social Security in Austria - compulsory and voluntary Opportunities of Social Insurance

Sandra, an actrice from Germany and Pierre, a musician from France start to live and work in Austria. What kind of social security opportunities - mandatory and volontary options  -  are offered in Austria for freelancers, employees and marginals earning persons?


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