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SMartAt Mobility has information on labour lawcorporate formssocial security, taxationcopyright and insurance. In the chapter on the cultural landscape, experts from various fields give an overview of fine artsperforming artsfilm and videoliterature and music in Austria. There is a link to a detailed funding data base with interdisciplinary information on funding sources  in Austria which is continually updated. Under info & portals, you will find additional information and links. A glossary allows for a targeted search by keywords. All information in SMartAt Mobility is available in German and in English.

The contents of SMartAt Mobility are generated, further developed and regularly updated by the SMart Team Austria. The contributions to the Cultural Landscape section are the works of external experts in their fields.

Find a collection links with information, measures and support opportunities for artists and creatives around Covid-19 here

Comprehensive information on visa and residency issues and on foreign artists working in Austria are already available on the Austrian Federal Chancellery’s Artist Mobility Guide.  SMartAt Mobility was developed by SMartAt in cooperation with section II/6 of the Austrian Federal Chancellery as a digital cultural information system. The project is supported by the Austrian Federal Chancellery.


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Find a collection of links with information, measures and support opportunities for artists and creatives around Covid-19 here

Covid-19 Support

Update Covid-19 Assistance as of November 15, 2020


New: in addition to SVS Artists’ Help Fund or WKO Funds:

Self-employed artists who are affected are given the opportunity to apply for a “lockdown bonus” by way of the „bridging fund for artists“  at the Social Insurance Institute for Self-Employed Persons (SVS). This amounts to 1,300 euros per artist and is paid out in addition to the bridging funding or the WKO-hardship fund .

 Increase in funds by 30 Mio. Euro

The bridging funding at SVS and the "Covid-19 Fund" of the Artists' Social Insurance Fund (KSVF) will be extended and increased into 2021. Initially, payouts will be made until the end of March 2021. The bridge financing budget will be raised from 90 to 110 million euros. The KSVF's "Covid-19 Fund" will also be increased and doubled from 10 to 20 million euros.


New instrument as of July: bridging fund for freelance artists:

Key points of the bridge financing:

  • A maximum of 1,000 euros per month, for a period of 6 month, totaling 6,000 euros per person
  • NEW October: Increase in brifdging financing up to a total of 10,000 euros
  • ATTENTION: Applicants who have already applied for 6,000 euros must apply anew for additional or supplemantary funds in order to receive the remaining amount of 4,000 euros.
  • NEW: November 15 (see above) additional 1,300 euro lockdownbonus for freelance artists

Changes in the measures announced on May 28, 2020 by the Federal Government in  bridging the gap for self-employed artists.

Key points

  • Uncomplicated calculation method, non-bureaucratic application process
  • Processed through the Social Insurance Institution for Commerce and Trade, Freelancers and Farmers (SVS),
  • Attention: emergency funds of Chamber of Commerce (WKO) will be deducted

Überbrückungsfinanzierung für Selbstständige Künstlerinnen und Künstler

Improvements to WKO emergency fund for application phase 2

NEW: application form for the WKO emergency fund now easier AND: WKO emergency fund now applicable for 12 more months in total

Details here

Update September 2020:

All funding amounts paid in phase 2 that were below 500 Euros because of the 2.000 Euro threshold will be raised to 500 Euros.Until now, there were subsidies below 500 Euros in cases where own entrepreneurial earnings

and/or additional earnings and/or insurance benefits existed with an overall cap of 2.000 Euros.

This raise will be automatic. All eligible and already processed cases will receive an additional payment in the upcoming weeks.

  • Introduction of an additional comeback bonus of 500 Euros per appraisal period.

Until now the minimum subsidy was 500 Euros (except in cases as mentioned above). Henceforth, with the adding of the comeback bonus of 500 Euros, there will be no funding sum below 1.000 Euros per month in all eligible cases.

All eligible and already processed cases in phase 2 will receive the comeback bonus as an additional payment.

  • The elegibility period will be increased from three to six months, the appraisal period from six to nine months (March 16, 2020 – December 15, 2020).

Until now, in a six month period, the three months with the highest income losses could be chosen for funding. As of the new regulation, six of the nine months will be eligible for funding.

  • Marginally (self-)employed pensioners will be entitled to apply.

Until now, only those who could present „social insurance based on a self-employed business activity“ at the time of application were eligible for funding. This excluded marginally (self-) employed workers and pensioners. Henceforth, existing social insurance will be the sole criteria, including pensioners.

Emergency Fund for small enterprises, artists and freelancers

KSVF Covid-19 emergency fund

KSVF (Künstlersozialversicherungsfonds) has launched a Covid-19 emergency fund endowed with 5 million Euros. Both artists as well as cultural workers (Kulturvermittler*innen) are eligible to apply. The funding of 500 Euro will be upgraded to a funding of 1.000 Euro for everybody who applied - the amount will be transferred without the need of a new application.

Application submissions for Phase 1 emergency relief of € 1.000, has ended on July 2.

As of July 10, 2020 it is possible to submit applications for assistance (Phase 2).

The goal of phase 2 is to ease the special emergency and difficult cases of artists and cultural workers who were not eligible for asssistance according to the regulations of the WKO emergency fund or the gap bridging measues of the SVS.

The KSVF can now give aid to artists and cultural workers of up tp € 3.000, who at the time of application meet the following criteria:

A. not eligable for the WKO emergency fund

B. nor the bridge the gap assistance of the SVS .


  1. have their main residence in Austria
  2. are significantly economically threatened as a result of COVID-19 , for instance, at the time of submission are unable to meet costs of living or costs of doing business because of official ordinances in the fight against COVID- 19 temporarily or permanently limiting or forbidding the practice of their artistic/cultural profession and source of income.
  3. receive no assistance or compensation from private or professional insurance services to cover losses entailed through COVID-19 privaten bzw. beruflichen
  4. have not received funds for the same circumstances from KSVF-Assistance fund in accordance with § 25c Abs. 3 K-SVFG.

5.      A maximal income in the last fiscal year, as reported on the tax return of € 60.144 (80% the annual social insurance highest calculating basis). Applicants who do not file a tax return must submit their own estimated income.

Covid19 Emergency Fund for Artists Support Fund Künstlersozialversicherungsfonds (KSVF)

Sector-specific emergency funds & support

The copyright collection society LiterarMechana has launched a special fund endowed with 1 million Euros to cushion first consequences of the crises for authors, playwrights, script writers and translators (informal application).

Special-Fonds LiterarMechana

The copyright collection societies AKM & austromechana and Interpret*innengesellschaft OESTIG have launched a 'cultural catastrophe fund' too, endowed with 1 million Euros. Musicians, composers and performers can apply for subsidies to compensate loss of wages and/or royalties. In addition, there are loans of up to 15.000 Euros available.

Cultural Catastrophe Fonds for musicians and composers AKM austromechana

The copyright collection society Bildrecht has launched a Corona bridge fund for fine artists, architects, photographers, designers, illustrators and choreographers, granting subsidies for crises-induced loss of wages resp. emergencies.

Corona-Bridge Fonds for Fine Artists Bildrecht